Old Dog

July 7, 2010

If you would have asked me 2 years ago what my biggest weaknesses were I would definitely included these in the list:

1. I’m a terrible athlete.  I have no desire to be a good one! I just generally suck at all sports.  I don’t follow any teams.

I don’t even work out.

2. I have killed every plant I have ever owned or taken care of.  I once had to hand over a whole tray of plants I was “babysitting” for a neighbor and they were all dead.  Once my aunt gave me a gift of some Paper White bulbs. They came in a kit with a pot, soil and directions.

I planted them upside down.

Enter Rahul, who is an amazing athlete and has the greenest thumb I’ve ever seen!

Its really quite astounding how much time I spend these days in some kind of sporting activity, either watching Rahul, coaching him (as if I know!) or playing with some kind of ball/frisbee/bike/etc.  I really believe in letting boys wrestle and “play fight” and since I am both mom and dad I feel its important to try to do these things.  But it is quite a hilarious sight.  I am either tickling Rahul (my one and only defensive tactic) or squealing and ducking my head.

I’ve been a little more successful at the gardening.  Rahul gave me 3 plants for Mother’s Day last year and 2 of them are still alive! And they’ve multiplied! We have something like 12 plants in our house right now, all of which are thriving! We have a membership at the Botanical Gardens.  And we even located several mulberry trees in our neighborhood and made pies with the berries we picked!

I feel stretched daily as I try to meet the demands of motherhood.  Its nice to know some of that stretching has taught me some new tricks!



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