This is what Clarence the angel writes to George Bailey at the end of Its A Wonderful Life. I can relate to that movie so much. George has such a clear vision for what he wants to accomplish in life. And even though he has the talent to achieve success the way he envisions it, life just leads him in a different direction. He feels like a failure, because he hasn’t hit the marks he expected to, until he is shown what the world would be like without him. Then he realizes that he has led a very powerful life and his relationships and his virtues are what make him rich.

I cannot begin to express how similar my journey has been.

Today I am working on my business plan for the salon I plan to open later this year. My son is home from school because there is a snow day and he is playing Wii. Right now he’s very irritated that I am making him read the words on the game himself, because he is learning to read and he hates it. I adopted him from India when he was 7 1/2 and he is my favorite person in the entire universe. Although he is 9 now, he is still learning English. Actually, he speaks it very well. And very often. Reading just hasn’t clicked yet. My dog, who is the craziest thing you ever saw, is cuddling on the couch, snoring softly as he naps. He is my best friend. Yes, a dog. I have lots of human friends, too. People I admire and who constantly fascinate me.

I never planned on being a mom. Or being single. Or being a business owner. But somehow, this is my life! My wonderful, unexpected life.

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