A (Wo)man Needs A Maid

March 22, 2010

OK. So I CHOSE to become a single mom, so don’t always feel justified admitting how hard it is.  People, it. is. hard.  I’m pretty used to the pace by now (its been almost 2 years!), but one little thing can throw all my carefully constructed balance completely out of whack.  Last week I got sick and life fell apart.  I could not keep up with the demands of my business and my child and I just kept hanging in there thinking I’d feel better and everything would shake itself out.  But by Thursday afternoon I was done. I called my parents who live 7 hours away, and asked them to come help me for the weekend.  One great thing motherhood has done for me is that it has made me a little more comfortable asking for help.  (It has also, according to my mom, made me a lot more tolerant with loud chewing sounds.  She is constantly amazed when Rahul is chomping away at his food with his mouth open that I do not even notice.  I used to have a zero tolerance policy for loud chewing and would walk up to people and close their lips with my fingers or ask them to spit their gum out into my hand!!!)


So of course, my parents drove down to help me and I cannot explain how much weight lifted off my shoulders the moment they walked in the door.  My mom came carrying a pot full of ingredients to make chicken noodle soup and my dad chased Rahul around the yard while she cooked it up.  Over the weekend they managed to do all of my laundry, washed all of my dishes (I had several days’ worth piled up), took my son to Target twice to buy birthday presents and took him to the actual birthday parties.  They also played several hours of hide and seek with Rahul (his current favorite game) and read him his bedtime stories (since my voice sounds like a cackling witch).  And they helped me do my grocery shopping and footed the bill!


They left this morning and I feel several hundred pounds lighter than I did a few days ago.  My head is clear in more ways than one and I can focus and concentrate on keeping my world spinning.

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