Not a Creature is Stirring…

April 6, 2010

Friends are great.  I love being able to just spill my guts to my friends and its so empowering to me to just have them share in my sadness, embarrassment, joy, etc.  I would say that over the past couple of years there are friends who have literally kept me sane and been an absolute lifeline.  Its so great to just have someone listen and empathize. I don’t feel like I always need them to actually SOLVE my problems, just be by my side as I go through the challenges.

But every once in a while I long for someone to swoop into my life and just magically make my problems disappear.

About a month ago, I interrupted a mouse who was speeding into my room on his way somewhere, and began the Plague of Mice (appropriate for Passover, no?).  Apparently they began fumigating the garbage room, which is right below our apartment, and all the mice were desperately seeking shelter, so they began eating through all our walls and making their homes in my stove, my closets, my couch, even my bed.  I desperately tried to wage war with caulk and steel wool, but every time I thought I had closed up the last hole another mouse sauntered by me.  I was daily tearing apart my closets and furniture on a hunt to find where they were coming from and clean up their messes.  I am desperately afraid of mice and began to constantly feel sick to my stomach and was so jumpy that everywhere I went I thought I saw mice (in my car, in my clients’ homes, on the street…).  Finally, I realized I was going to have to bump up to the next level of attack and borrow someone’s cat to send a message to my invaders.  And as I thought through all of the cats I know, I had a revelation.  I wanted a cat of my own.

I have been longing to adopt another child, and that reality is several years and several thousand dollars away from happening.  So the idea of having another member of our family really appealed to me.  Also, I have met the most amazing cats lately at my clients’ homes, and it has made me realize how cool cats can be.  But really what I wanted–what I NEEDED–was an ally.  Someone to swoop in and solve my problem.

Sport came to live with us a little over a week ago, and since he arrived I have not seen any mice or evidence of mice in our home.  Problem solved.  And he’s really cool. He’s black (my suggestion for his name was Spooky Mulder, but Rahul’s “Sport” won out) and has an amazing personality, somehow meeting all our needs in the household.  For me he’s a mouser, for Rahul he’s a playmate, and for Baby Fish Mouth, he’s a buddy.

Just somebody please tell me if I start to smell like a cat.

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