Deep Thoughts, by Jack Salvin

October 24, 2010

My nephew Jack is what I call a deep thinker.  He’s 7 and ever since he started talking he’s been astounding me with his sensitivity and profundity.


When he first learned to talk, he would come up to me or any other family member and draw you away from the crowd into another room where you could have a heart to heart talk.  He was mostly speaking nonsense words, but he would draw up next to you in a chair and it was like he was telling you his deepest secrets.


Then when he learned to REALLY talk he would go on and on forever about what it was like in my sister’s womb before he was born and at first it was kind of cute and charming.  Then it kinda got creepy.  He sounded so all knowing and he would go on forever that it was like he wasn’t making it up.  And finally my sister would have to demand that he stop talking about it!


When he lost his first tooth he called to tell me and after giving me the basic details he went on to ask me (unprompted) about my recent move into a new apartment and what it looked like, how I was doing, etc.  I mean, we as adults have a hard time getting over ourselves long enough to ask how our friends are doing when we have big news. How did this 5 year old get it?


One of my favorite conversations with him took place about 6 months before Rahul came home with me.  Jack was 5 and he and I went for a walk.  And after a while he invited me to sit down for some deep conversation.  He wanted to talk about my adopting Rahul and after a few minutes he said,” I want to badopt a child someday.  Because sometimes parents can’t take care of their children anymore and then I could take care of them instead.”  And he went on and on about the service work he wanted to do for people in need and I sat there floored.  In all the conversations I have ever had about adoption no one has ever so succinctly summed up my own motivation for adopting.


So this weekend when he came to my son’s birthday party (YAY Rahul turned 10!!!) we played this game where I made up little clues about each guest and they had to guess who it was.  Jack’s was one of the first to be read, and most of the kids didn’t know him.  But when the first line of the clue read, “I am a deep thinker…” I could see from Jack’s face that he knew the clue described him. Later in the evening he and I were chatting and he had me read him his clue again. And then he told me that he’s pretty sure that he gets his deep thinking from me.  Now, his parents clearly have passed this gene to him–they are highly intelligent and very sensitive people.  But I’m glad he sees that we have kindred spirits!


And all day I have been striving to think the deepest thoughts possible.


Jack and moi


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