January 14, 2013

Today is my Dad’s birthday.  There are millions of things I love about him!  Here are a few:

When I was about 5 years old my best friend Kyle told me about a monster that had appeared in his room from under his bed one night. He said as he lay in bed a big hand had reached up from under the bed and grabbed him!  I suggested that maybe it had only been a dream, but he insisted it was the absolute truth and scared me out of my wits.  That night when I went to bed I told my Dad how scared I was that there was a monster under my bed that was going to reach up and grab me. He soothed me and told me Kyle had just had a nightmare.  Once I was calm he turned out the lights and left the room.  A few moments later I heard my Mom scolding my Dad from the hallway, “Buuuuuzzz??” At the same time I saw a huge hand reaching toward me from under my bed!  I screamed, but instantly I knew it was my Father who had crawled back into my room and under my bed to reach his hand up to scare me!  Now, another child might have been scarred for life.  But I honestly don’t think I lost a moment’s sleep over being scared again in my life–ever.

When my first love went off to college I was still in high school.  After coming home from delivering him to the start of his sophomore year, I was heartbroken and trying to hold it together through dinner.  We used to have rather formal dinners at our house.  Dining room, candles, wine, interesting music, etc.  At one point I excused myself and went out to the kitchen under the pretense of getting something.  Instead, I stood in the corner and quietly sobbed with my face in my hands.  A moment later I felt big, strong arms surrounding me–my dad had sensed that I was upset and had followed me from the table to give me a hug.  I love that I didn’t have to speak my troubles or make a scene, he just knew what I needed in that moment.

When I was preparing to adopt Rahul my Dad announced he wanted to come with me to India and I was thrilled!  It was a pretty emotional experience (to say the least) and there is no one who steadies me like him.  Besides that, Rahul instantly fell in love with him.


Need I say more?

Happy Birthday Buzz!

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